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   Temperature & Pressure - Emerson / Rosemount Division
 Flow Measurement - Emerson / Daniel
 Flow Computer - Emerson / Remote Automation Solution
 Flow Computer Metering Panel
 Local Flow Metering Panel
 BTS CNG 050 Dispenser Prover

   Gas Analyzer - Emerson / Analytical Division
 Liquid Analyzer - Emerson / Analytical Division
 On Line Gas Chromatograph - Emerson / GC Division
 Analyzer Sampling Shelter & Cabinet - BTS Factory
 Calibration Gas & Pure Gas - KRISS, Messer, Air products
 Pressure Regulator - Messer, Gentec, Crown
 Sampling System - Walker, Genie, Parker, Swagelok, Samee Corp.

   Gas Metering System
    BTS is your source of custody transfer flow measurement information and support through Orifice,
    Turbine, Ultrasonic, Micromotion,Venturi Tube, Flow Nozzle, Annubar, Vortex etc. Also BTS has
    supplid Metering System Skid & Software Solution Package following ISO, API, AGA Standard.

 Liquid Metering System
    BTS supply liquid Meteing system package. The liquid metering system apply to Mass Flow Meter,
    Ultrasonic Meter, PD Meter, Turine meter.

 Gas Chromatograph Solution
    1) BTU Gas Chromatograph, Process Gas Chromatograph
    2) Sampling System Package, Analyzer Shelter.
    3) Commissioning & Service for Gas Chromatograph.

    BTS provide software & solution to customers with various environment below.
       1) HMI Intouch (Wonderware), iFix, Autobase, AB PLC software & solution
       2) Maintenance & Service for SCADA/HMI System

   BTS Project Reference List